Service at the Fell Church for Home Communicants

Each month a team of lay visitors take Communion to those members of the congregation at St Paul’s or at the Fell Church who are no longer able to get to church. This service is very much appreciated.

However, three times during the year – at the major festivals of Christmas and Easter, and then again in August – transport is arranged to bring in those who normally receive Communion in their own homes to the Fell Church where they are able to join together in a simple act of worship, seated in the round.

On Thursday, 12th August, the Rector led this special service and Ann Waller, the organist, played for the hymns.

The photographs below give a flavour of what has become a very popular form of ministry.

Thursday, 12th August, was one of these special days in the year for those of us who are ‘Home communicants’. Every month someone from the devoted group qualified to bring to those of us who, through illness or disability, cannot get to church, the special gift of the eucharist. On three days in the year this group, with the consent of the Rector, hold a joint service for us at the Fell Church, arranging transport for those who cannot get out of our homes without help, together with the service, followed by cakes, tea and chats with friends. What a joy it is to feel part of the whole Church and not alone in our worship.

Such a day was the 12th. The sun shone from a blue sky and the warmth outside matched the warmth inside. There were only 16 of us this time whereas at Easter there were over 30, but sickness and holidays probably accounted for the rather small congregation. The service itself, though, made up for that. The singing of the hymns, accompanied by Ann Waller on the organ, was so cheerful that passers-by thought that the church was full. Sue Jackson led us in prayer and Annette Miller read the Gospel. The Rector’s sermon was one which must have been a great help to all there – I know it was to me. He took as his text ‘Be not afraid’ – Jesus’ words to his disciples on many occasions. How often have I felt alone and fearful of what the future holds, forgetting these words of Jesus and the promise they hold out to each one of us. I needed to be reminded that I am never alone for the Holy Spirit is always with me and Jesus’ promise is always there to support me. How many of us at the Fell Church must have had the same feeling of the presence of the Lord. I myself can only say ‘Thank you’ to the Rector for reminding me of this continuous gift.

After the service we all enjoyed a lovely selection of cakes, biscuits and refreshing cups of tea – then it was home we went after talking our heads off with friends we only see on these occasions. Thank you to all who make this possible, not forgetting Freda Burton who keeps the Church so beautifully welcoming.