Easter 2019 at St Paul’s

Holy Week started with Eucharist services at the Fell Church on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings and, of course, the usual Wednesday morning service at St Paul’s. In these services we were reminded, day by day, of the last week of Jesus’ life on Earth. It was very moving to think of the events daily, in real time, that led to Jesus’ crucifixion.

On Maundy Thursday our Eucharist mirrored the Last Supper and included the washing of the feet of several members of the congregation by our curate, Andrew. This was done for the disciples by Jesus to illustrate his commandment that they should “Love one another as I have loved you”. At the end of this service the Sanctuary and Chancel were stripped of all artefacts as we awaited the crucifixion. Some left in silence, while others continued their vigil in the Lady Chapel, where they listened to Bible readings from St John for some time after the main service.

At our Eucharist on Good Friday we remembered how Jesus was entombed and how the next morning the tomb was found empty. During our service Andrew carried a large wooden cross from the back of Church to stand it at the chancel steps. The congregation were then invited to come to the cross one at a time, to be with Jesus in prayer.

Easter Eve we gathered at St Mary’s at Staveley with other members across the Team, as we renewed our baptismal vows and gathered outside round the fire to light the paschal candle, then bringing the light of Jesus into the darkened church.

At sunrise on Easter morning we joined our ecumenical partners outside facing the Bay for the first service of Easter Day as we celebrated the good news of Jesus’ resurrection, before enjoying a welcome cuppa and hot cross bun in the new social area of St Paul’s. The church was filled for a joyous morning service at 11 am, with coffee afterwards and mini Easter eggs.

Our thanks go out to all who helped to organise these services, but especially to our curate Andrew whose dedication and sheer hard work brought the Easter story into sharp focus for us all.