Introducing our new incumbent and his parishioner

Never say that we are not ‘game’ at St Paul’s.  Ever up for a challenge a small group agreed to enter the scarecrow competition run by Peat Environmental Action Together (PEAT) to promote the greening of the Cartmel Peninsula.

Five of us met initially in the kitchen at Meadway to make plans and decide our strategy.  Having intended making one scarecrow, our enthusiasm ran away with us and we all agreed that, after 5 years of waiting for the Diocese to appoint a vicar, we would make our own!  But how to dress him?  Penny Driver provided the clerical shirt and collar, Joyce the cloak which she had been given by Betty Hall from her nursing days, and the hat was a lucky find.  We are not sure just what Sue is doing to him, but you can tell from his expression that he was somewhat surprised!!


We chose as our message “Wrapping up to turn (the thermostat) down”.  What fun we had – hopefully, as the photographs show – causing hilarity and attracting some amusing comments from passers-by!


The final figures now sit on the bench in front of the church, We invite you to suggest suitable names for our two new members of St Paul’s.  The first suggestion for the vicar from John Millican is the Reverend Guy Straw!

PS Wilma was not at all happy when she saw the vicar for the first time.  Her hackles went up and she growled at him!!

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