Getting crafty!

On Thursday 18th May we held our first crafty event at church.

Pip demonstrated how to transform A4 sheets of paper and card into decorative boxes which turned out to be quite sturdy.  Armed with pencil, ruler, scissors and glue stick we created an assortment of colourful cartons which could be used in a variety of ways:

  • Gifts – pop in a personalised present for the recipient’s birthday, anniversary or Christmas
  • Invitations – .including a written invite to church or a tea bag inviting the recipient over for a cuppa and a natter.
  • Acceptances – for the big day or any day !!
  • Envelopes -.for a 3-D greetings card or a card that encourages someone who needs uplifting.

To make them even more fancy we made paper flowers to adorn the outside.  It’s amazing how such a thoughtful creation can bring a smile to someone’s day.

Pip also brought in other decorations made from foliage, shells, dried flowers and real petals to inspire us to create our own unique designs.

And after all that hard work we enjoyed a cuppa and biscuits to refresh us.

A lovely couple of hours taking time out to focus on a new skill and have a chat in a peaceful place.

These crafty events are open to all and will be run each month, probably o the third Thursday.  Next date is the 15th June.