Christingle and Crib Service, Christmas Eve 2022

Making the christingles took place on the Tuesday  morning just before Christmas, when a small party gathered in St Paul’s to ‘drill’ and adorn the oranges ready to be handed out to the children on Christmas Eve.  Many hands made light work and over 100 christingles were completed in 1 hour!

The Christingle service was held on Christmas Eve in St. Paul’s and attended by 50 adults and 24 children, who gathered to hear the Christmas story retold, to sing well-loved carols, and to watch as the figures were brought up to the ‘stable’.  The Revd. Jonathan Brewster conducted the service which was accompanied by organ music pre-recorded by Charles Edmondson.

Many of the pupils of Grange Church of England School had collected coins in their cardboard candles for The Children’s Society, and these were handed over at the altar during the service. Christingles were distributed and each one was lit by the flame brought to the end of each church pew,  the light passing gradually along each row.   Darkness fell on the church, and by the flickering candle lights carols were sung.  It was a poignant scene.

The collection for the work of The Children’s Society realized just over £289. A number of Gift Aid donations were also received and the Society has benefited by over £308. Our thanks go to everyone who donated and worked to bring about this event.