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Our church tradition is ‘middle-of-the-road’; vestments are worn for all services and there is a robed choir under the direction of the organist and choirmaster.

Other regular services at St Paul’s include a Civic Service on Mayoral Sunday; Harvest Festival (2015) followed by a Parish Lunch and Auction of Harvest goods; All Souls Service; and a Remembrance Day service for the town. The Patronal Festival is celebrated jointly with St Paul’s, Lindale, followed by lunch. There is a full series of services through Holy Week to Easter Day (see photos for Easter 2018). At Christmas, there is traditionally a Christingle and Crib Service on Christmas Eve, and a Midnight Eucharist.  Services for the young families in 2016 have included special events at Candlemas and Palm Sunday.  The next one is planned for harvest.

A recent addition has been a special afternoon service at the Fell Church for those people who receive Communion each month in their own homes because they are unable to get to church.  However, three times a year - Christmas, Easter and in the summer - transport is arranged to bring them to the Fell Church for a simple service, followed by afternoon tea.


In the summer edition of The Way, Bishop Robert (of Penrith) gives us three web sites that explore 'thin places' in different ways.

www.embody.co.uk/blog/post/thin_places - a variety of contributions in which people explain where God has broken through or been experienced as especially close

www.pray-as-you-go.org is a free daily podcast produced by British Jesuits and other experts in the spirituality of St Ignatius of Loyola - designed for ordinary people and intended to be used as part of a regular day

www.mysticchrist.co.uk - a community site offering insights into spirituality and creation from the Christian tradition.  It offers helpful resources, prayers and insights for connecting with nature and letting God connect with us.

Sundays Daily Wednesday and All Saints days

Fell Church

1st, 3rd

2nd, 4th

Mattins (BCP)

Holy Communion (BCP)


Coffee is served after the morning service



Holy Communion (CW)

United Communion service with the Fell Church

People filing into church

8.00am Mon, Wed, Thurs Morning prayer
8.00am Tuesday Team clergy eucharist

St Paul's Church is open daily

between 8 and 5

West end porch entrance to Church

10.00 am Holy Communion in the Lady Chapel

Following the service, fellowship is enjoyed over coffee


View down south aisle into Lady Chapel

Leven Valley