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Celebration Workshops

As part of the celebrations for the 150th anniversary of the founding of St Paul's, a series of workshop were held

For 3 consecutive Mondays groups of enthusiastic people have participated in – singing, flower arranging, drama, prose and poetry, fabric maché, card and banner making, enjoying learning or honing their skills with like-minded people. The mornings’ events were mulled over during soup and a sandwich in the Parish Hall.

Notes from the groups

Card Making - from beginners to experienced we have all learnt new techniques and procedures for making cards with excellent tuition and support.

Flower arranging - the small numbers in this group produced some beautiful arrangements. The making of the advent wreaths was particularly interesting being accompanied by the history and meaning of the wreaths.



Making cards

Singing - we all had great fun being given the confidence to sing out. Everybody’s ability to sing was immensely improved according to our excellent tutor. We were also introduced to musical appreciation and we just want to sing more and more and more!!!
Prose and Poetry Reading - we had a wonderful time reading together our favourite poems, both old and new, romantic and serious, happy and sad. The prose was great too and we really did enjoy ourselves.

Drama - under the strict but wonderful direction of Mike Hill, three ladies were taken from the streets and reformed into actresses. One fell out and then there were two.  Along came another, and this one with experience beyond our belief, Mike went away and we struggled on with directions and now hope to be nominated for a BAFTA – Calendar Girls here we come.

Making the nativity set Making the nativity set
Fabric Maché - we re-dressed, re-made and re-sprayed the gold crib figures used in church at Christmas. Much frivolity and messiness made this a very jolly group.
Banner Making - after a slow start ideas started to flow and by the second week our artistic skills came to the fore and we romped ahead with a lot of help from our friends. In spite of the hard work we have all learnt a lot in a very sociable, unpressured environment.


Making the banners

The groups' hard work culminated in a Gathering on Saturday 29th November at 7.30p.m. in Church when the results of their labours were shared.

We would like to thank all the group leaders who have worked so hard to make the event a success. Thanks are also due to all who kindly donated materials for the workshops and the sandwich and soup makers. The lunches proved a great success when members were able to discuss their various activities. This innovative and ambitious idea, we feel, has encouraged fellowship in the wider community.

Well done everyone!                              Thanks be to God.