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Parish Hall


The Parish Hall was sold by public auction on the 12th June 2015.

In November 1911 the first reference is made in the Parish Magazine to the building of a Parish Hall, and plans for a bazaar to raise the necessary funds. The Hall was to be built so that services could be taken there while the Church was being extended. The bazaar was successful raising 511, a site was purchased on Kents Bank Road, and the building began in June 1912.

The property was vested in the Carlisle Diocesan Board of Finance, who act as custodian trustees, with the control and working of the Hall under the care of the Vicar and Churchwardens.

 The Hall was opened by the Bishop of Carlisle on 10 December 1912.  See below for the special 100th anniversary celebration in 2012.

100th Birthday celebration