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Organisations within St Paul's

There are several organisations and teams of volunteers who work at the Parish Church. These include:

· the Parochial Church Council, which meets bi-monthly;

· its several sub-committees which also meet regularly, eg communications, finance, outreach, Parish Hall, social, worship, etc

· the choir who sing at services each Sunday

· sacristan and servers

· the lay pastoral team, who visit and take out Home Communions;

· baptismal visitors who continue to visit the families for five years from the date of baptism;

· a  Young Persons Group working with children at the Grange C of E Primary School

· lesson readers and intercessors;

· licensed assistants to administer at Holy Communion;

· lay helpers with the laying-on-of-hands


Other members help on a rota basis to clean the church; make sure the linen is washed; attend to the garden; serve coffee; and arrange the flowers each week.

The parish is also represented on the Team Council, the Deanery Synod, the Diocesan Synod, and Churches Together in Grange-over-Sands and District, and supporots the work of the Windermere Deanery Network Youth Church.


Charles Edmondson is the Church organist and choirmaster.  There is a robed choir and all are welcome.



The choir singing harvest anthem


A lunchtime bible club is held in the Primary School on Wednesdays throughout term-time, with an after-school event to mark the special Christian festivals, eg Christmas, Easter, Harvest. 

On Advent Sunday two travelling cribs are blessed during the morning service, and are sent off on their journey round the homes of the young families in the parish.  Each crib is welcomed into the home, a candle is lit and the following prayer said:Christmas nativity set

Dear Father in Heaven,

As we welcome these crib figures into our home, help us to prepare ourselves to welcome your Son Jesus into our hearts.

Amongst all the busy-ness as we make ready for Christmas, help us to remember the real reason for the celebration.

Bless this house and all who live here.


The crib and its figures stay overnight and are then passed on to the next family.  They also go into the Nursery and Reception classes at the Primary School. The cribs are received back into Church on Christmas Eve at the special children's service at 6 pm.  The crib figures have been knitted by the older members of the parish, and the children are encouraged to play with them.

Christmas 2014 activities

The Nativity in school The Foundation stage and Year one children had a fantastic time performing the Nativity 'Angel Express'. The children really shone and even the manger falling off the stage (containing baby Jesus) could not spoil the show! 
 The School Christmas Play Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 entertained us all with their performance of 'Five Gold Rings'. Two characters were sent on a quest to find the missing rings or the choir could not finish singing the 'Twelve Days of Christmas'.  The characters learnt that if they were to be successful then they had to work as a team.  They had success and the choir was able to sing the full version of the 'Twelve Days of Christmas'.  On their journey they met many interesting and very funny characters and as each ring was found the school would burst into a carol.  The singing and acting were excellent and the pupils should be congratulated for their efforts.  All the staff were involved in producing an excellent Christmas Play.
THE TWELVE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS Many people coming into festival asked about the pictures depicting the 12 days of Christmas and so you will have noticed the cards hanging by the pillars with explanations.
Christmas Dinner in school This was a wonderful occasion for children and adults. Long tables festooned with red and white cloths and every place set with a cracker. Lots of fun was had pulling crackers and it was a really exciting time for the children swapping their small gifts. The traditional Christmas meal was delicious and much enjoyed with more calories to get rid of after Christmas. It was interesting to be there to watch the children enjoying a proper Christmas meal.  This must be one of the perks of being a governor!


End of Term Service at St Paul's

This was a lovely ending to another successful term in school. All the children from the primary school took part and we counted 99 adults as well. It was lovely to see so many in our church. The school service always seems to set us up in the right frame of mind for a good Christmas.  Our favourite carols were interspersed with readings, singing and music from the children. The singing was enthusiastic and filled the church. Lots of smiling adults surrounded the children. The collection was taken using the ‘Portsmouth ships’ and was donated to our chosen charity, Springfield Women's Refuge.

Special Prayer Spaces

For our event this term we are going to use Fell Church for the week commencing 23rd March. We want to establish some special prayer spaces for the classes in school to come along and experience prayer in groups in different ways. We are planning several prayer spaces.

                                                                Sheffield: Getting Started with Prayer Spaces in Schools photo